ABC Equipment


Protection from chemical attack has been around since the first world war when chemical weapons such as Phosgene and Mustard gas were common in the battlefield. ABC (Atomic, Biological and Chemical) equipment primary purpose is to detect and protect from attack.

Significant outfitting of Navy ships with equipment and system to protect from ABC attacks began in the late 1940's and continued into the cold war. Emphases was again seen during the Iran-Iraq gulf war when the 2 sides carried out heavy use of mustard gas. It continues to be a focused warfare area today because of the threat of terrorism.

The Navy service gas mask series was designed to protect shipboard personnel from toxic war gases. There were reported cases, during emergencies, of personnel wearing the gas mask to escape from smoke-filled compartments. They could be used for that purpose as long as the person passed through the space quickly, since the mask would not protect the wearer from carbon monoxide (CO). If Sailors performed in a compartment while wearing the gas mask, it had to have at least 16% oxygen. Other equipment included chemical and radiological detection devices as well as protective suits.

Image of Navy Mark II Gas Mask

Navy Mark I Gas Mask

Navy Mark II Gas Mask

Navy Diaphragm (ND) Mark I Gas Mask (Navy Service Gas Mask)

Navy Diaphragm Optical (NDO) Mark I Gas Mask Navy Diaphragm (ND) Mark III Gas Mask Navy Diaphragm (ND) Mark V Gas Mask
AN/PDR-T1B (Training Radiac) AN/PPD-TI (Training Radiac) IM-57/PDR-27
IM-75/PDR-18A IM-38/PDR-8C AN/PDR-56
CP-95 PP-4276C/PD Dosimeter Charger AN/PDR-43
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