Shoring, Pipe Patching, and Plugging
Damage Control Shoring Chest
The DC shoring chest was a large sheet metal chest containing the tools necessary to complete emergency shoring repairs. The chest measured 18 by 24 by 36 inches and was fabricated from 16-gauge sheet metal. It weighed about 80 pounds, depending on the presence of sand, wedges and nails that were used in training scenarios until replaced. The chest had three compartments. The first contained various wedges of specified sizes to match common shoring widths. The second included one 1-inch cold chisel, one firmer chisel, one caulking iron, two 20-ounce claw hammers, one half hatchet, one lathing hatchet, eight adjustable clamps (four each 6- and 8-inch), one 5-pound box of 16D, one 10-pound box of 20D, and one 10-pound box 30D common steel nails, one 6-foot carpenter’s folding rule, a 50-foot steel tape, 5 pounds oakum, one 1-pound ball of marlin, two 5-pound spike mauls, one 10-pound sledge hammer, one 75-foot sounding tape, one carpenter’s square, and two 26-inch crosscut saws. The third compartment contained ten 2 by 4 by 12-inch blocks of wood, two flashlights (or one electric hand lantern) and one 5-pound bag of sand. The main locker could provide items not included in the damage control shoring chest. One such item was a 50-foot, explosion-proof safety light for emergency lighting, which was often rigged due to loss of electrical power in the space. For measuring and cutting wooden shores, two shoring battens (for shores up to 7 and 12 feet) and an electric, 10-inch circular saw and a 50-foot extension cable were available. Wooden shores (4 by 4 inches by 12 feet, 6 by 6 inches by 12 feet, and 2 by 12 inches by 10 feet planks) were generally stored in passageways above the water line on the damage control deck. Six personnel were required to transport shoring materials to the scene or staging area. Two personnel were needed to transport the DC shoring chest. Each timber weighed from 43 to 63 pounds, requiring four personnel to transport them.
Image of Damage Control Shoring Chest. (Click to view larger image.)
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